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Laser Ablation System (L/A)

Product Outline

L/A is a technology to generate nanoparticles by irradiating the solid target with high energy pulsed laser. It can be used for thin film deposition on flat substrates, or fine particle coating by deposition on fluidized powders. It can also be used in a liquid phase for preparation of well dispersed nano-suspensions. Inorganic materials from metals to ceramics, as well as organic materials like pharmaceutical compounds or polymers can be processed by controlling the wavelength and fluence of the laser.


Metal nanoparticles for sensors, Electrode for Li ion batteries, Alloys for fuel cell, Poorly soluble drugs, Slide member, Magnetic materials, Optical materials, Ware resistant coating, Luminescent materials, Biomaterials, Surface wettability control


Nanoparticles of various materials from metals to proteins can be prepared, which leads to a very wide area of application.

Thin film deposition on flat substrates as well as deposition on particulate systems for fine particle coating is possible.

Preparation of nano-suspensions by liquid phase ablation is possible. Optimum technology for R&D of new materials by preparation of nanoparticles or thin films. Custom made design for each customer.


For type other than those above, we will design and manufacture in accordance with your request.


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